A Working Mother’s Guilt and Summer, San Antonio edition

So if you are a career woman, single mom, or a dual income household you might get a dose of the working mother’s guilt when it come to the kids summer vacation.

My kids are fine with before/after care or daycare during the school year but when Summer hits everything changes. The sun doesn’t set until what seems like 11 at night, everything fun and amazing only happens during prime work hours of 9-5, and the kids with stay-at-home moms tell wonderous tales of staying up all night and sleeping all day. This all amounts to my kids and questions, which go a little like this:

kid: Why can’t I stay up until midnight? Why can’t I have a sleepover Tuesday? Why can’t I sleep in?

mom: Because I have to go to work so you have to go to daycare.

So in an effort to give my kids an enjoyable summer. I strategically plan long weekend getaways, mini vacations, and random day offs just to be lazy.

This summer kicked off with a trip to San Antonio. My husband was in San Antonio for work so the kids and I went down for a few days. I was determined to make this trip the most amazing 4 day mini vacation possible.

Kid trip planning always starts with the trifecta; Pinterest, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. The planning phase took longer than I care to admit but Trust Me it was so worth it! So worth it that I will share my trip in the hopes of saving another mom the trouble.

We booked the Kids Aquatica Suite at the San Antonio Omni Hotel on Colonnade. Pricey but when the room itself is part of the vacation you won’t feel the need to pack in activities to fight boredom.  A good percentage of the time was spent with the kids playing in their room and swimming in the hotel pool.  The kids suite came equipped with two televisions, a PlayStation and a Wii.  The front desk has games and kids movies available as well.  There’s an indoor and outdoor pool so the weather couldn’t hold us down! We did make it out of the room to see what San Antonio had to offer.

San Antonio itinerary:

  • Market Square
  • Hemisfair park
  • Riverwalk
  • Tower of the Americas
  • Doseum
  • Seaworld

Market Square 

A nice area to walk around, have lunch, and purchase souvenirs. But….

I’m telling you now if your kids are the type that want to touch everything in stores and have a hard time listening when out. Don’t go! I have a 9yr old and a 3yr old who with a few threats are pretty well behaved. But my 3 yr old in some of these shops tried my patience! Every shop has a sign that threatens “if you break, you buy.” Every shop has lots of toys and nik-naks for kids with signs saying do not touch. The entrance of EVERY shop has a sign that instructs parents to hold your child’s hand while in the shop and maintain constant supervision! Do you see where I’m going with this? Shops with bright colors, music, toys and threatening signs. It can stress even the most patient of mothers out.

Hemisfair Park

Well deserved play time if your kids managed not to break anything in Market Square.

Really nice playground for the kids and ample seating for parents where you can still keep your kids in view.  There are bathrooms, water fountains, and someone selling paletas (Mexican popsicles).


We explored the river walk and took the riverboat tour.

My kids actually enjoyed this more than I expected. Great photo-ops too! The riverboat was fairly inexpensive and lasted about 30-40 minutes. The riverboat captain told jokes and interacted with the audience. I suggest you bring some water with you on the boat because it did get hot and my kids got thirsty. After the tour we walked around to visit some of the sites we saw during the tour. All and all it was a good tourist experience. The heat and walking wore my kids out so I wouldn’t plan on doing much after the river walk. We just went back to the hotel to chill out until dinner.

Tower of the Americas

Really high up!! Even if you are afraid of heights go anyways. We went to the tower for dinner.

Ummm..don’t go for dinner! The tower is worth seeing. There’s an observation deck, gift shop, and 4-D ride which are all worth the trip. The restaurant was unreasonably expensive and the food was below average. The crowd consists of tourist families, co-workers on travel, and random couples overly dressed for a romantic date. Weird! Save your money and just go up to the observation deck.


An interactive children’s museum. This one is a winner!!

Exceeded expectations! I added the doseum to the itinerary as a filler just in case the kids got bored or we had time to kill before dinner. We could have easily spent two to three hours here. The kids loved it and so did I and I usually dread these places. I expected crowds of snot-nosed kids, broken exhibits, and chaos. This place was clean and organized! The were workers cleaning up each exhibit constantly. I mean kids would run through an area like Tasmanian devils and out of nowhere cleaning ninjas would come out and work their magic!


I mean it’s Seaworld.. Do you!

If you’ve never been to Seaworld the only tips I have are go to the shows, use a locker, and get a quick pay wristband. Sea world is a lot of getting wet fun so wear bathing suits and quick-dri clothing. The shows are worth going and really the whole point of Seaworld. Show up about 15 mins before the show starts because it fills up quick. It’s a good time to sit with a snack and take a break. The lockers and quick pay wristband keeps you from  carrying a bunch of crap. We locked up our things and the wristband worked great for buying water, snacks and over priced souvenirs for the kids. Walking around the park carrying absolutely nothing made life so much easier.

And that my friends is San Antonio in a nutshell! As I mentioned before my kids are 9 and 3 yrs old. If you have kids 12 and over I would swap out Seaworld for Six Flags. Switch the Doseum and Hemisfair Park to Wildlife Ranch.

At the end of the trip don’t forget to remind your kids that they are able to go on fun trips like this because YOU WORK!


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