Secret shopping? Why not!


I’m always looking for something new to try whether it’s a new restaurant, new trend, or new adventure. I wasn’t interested in trying to turn secret shopping into a profitable career but wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for what I do already!

I follow Penny hoarder on Facebook and there was a post about the top companies for secret shopping. So I followed the click bait and signed up with BestMark.

In all I’ve completed about 15 secret shops from restaurants, nightclubs, to car services. I will say the best deal is with the car services. I’ve gotten paid for oil changes, a battery replacement, tire rotations and new tires!  Bestmark reimburses you for the service and you are paid from $20-45 on top of the reimbursement. Nothing like getting paid to get an oil change! The restaurant and bar/club shops just reimburse you a predetermined amount of money. Most of them require you to a bring a friend and order a drink.. Uh No Problem! If you are planning to go out with a friend anyways, might as well make it a secret shop and get your money back.  Now for the catch…

Bestmark requires you to submit your report/survey within 24 hrs of completing each shop.  They ask about your wait times down to the second and you also have to get names of the people you interact with.  It takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the report/survey and upload pictures of your receipts. The restaurant and nightclub shops requires pictures of the food, restrooms and sometimes bar areas. So keep that in mind because if you don’t complete the paperwork portion you won’t get paid.

I’ve gotten a few emails for Casino secret shops that I will definitely try. They include drinks at the bar, reimbursement for gambling (it’s a set amount, calm down!), valet, and food. I’ve also seen a few that include an overnight stay at the casino hotel.


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