Honest Sunscreen aka Frying Oil

PSA: I would strongly advise you not to use The Honest Co. Mineral Sunscreen!!!! I have used this on my children, my friend’s children, and myself and the results were terrifying!! Thank goodness I got the worst of it but to think I used it on children and they got red as well. It makes me so angry!! The front of the bottle claims “safe and gentle for the whole family” but I disagree! I know I burn very easily but I put this all over me and was out in the sun for 2 hours (not swimming) and I got crispy!! The bottle claims 50 spf but we saw on the news that the Honest company has been under investigation. Some of their sunscreen was found to have FAR less spf than it claimed…like anywhere from 0-7!!!! Seriously!!!! I don’t have after photos of an entire layer of skin peeling off from my hairline to my chest for over a week after!!

Note: I DO HAVE CLOTHES ON IN THESE PICTURES!! I just had to be careful of what I wore because NOTHING could touch my skin!!)


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