God, I AM because YOU Are!

God truly has a sense of humor. He has ways of showing you your worth when you don’t know it for your self. I have always told myself that I didn’t want to be a wedding planner because of all the challenges that come with the territory. I’d rather plan anything else but a wedding; too much work! I never believed that I could plan, coordinate and design an entire wedding.  However, I agreed to plan a wedding with a guest count of over 300.  Yesterday, all of my hard work paid off! It was such a success I literally blew my own mind.  God seen so much more in me that he gave me the opportunity of what I didn’t know would open doors for me later. Not only women, but men came up to me (several of them) to say how beautiful of a job I did on the wedding.  Some even said, “You worked your ass off!” All I could do is say, “thank you” excitedly with a GREAT BIG SMILE! This was truly gods work.

It goes to show you when you let God take over fear can turn it into something extraordinary! I am feel so blessed and thankful by the overwhelming response that I received.

Special thanks to the Bride and Groom for allowing me to be the planner of their special day. Huge shout out to my phenomenal assistant Ang, without her I would have never survived! Big thank you to my sister… I know that I get on her last nerve, but she is always there for me when I need her, so thank you for being my lifetime employee.

– Shardae

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