My Keto journey thus far…. 

As the imready brand progresses you will notice that we LOVE to eat! The word foodie doesn’t begin to describe it. In fact if you follow our instagram you will see it might as well be a foodie page. With that being said, our love for food has the tendency to catch up to our waistlines so we all have ways to maintain a healthy balance. For instance, Shardae does juicing, Milissa relies on tracking and clean eating, and I (Ang) go with Low Carb. (Take a look at Shardae’s blog on juicing). 

So Keto and Low carb.. two very different things! I’ve been on this diet for about 3 months now and I’ve lost 12 lbs with just diet alone. ( and I’ve had more cheat days than I care to admit)

I started with the Keto diet. I work with all men and we decided to do the Keto diet as a group. Two things you need to get started: 

1. go to Keto Reddit and use the calculator to figure out your macros. 

2. Download the app “Stupid Keto” to track your food until you get the hang of it. (Buy it, the free version sucks)

So when I started Keto my carbs were at 24 grams per day, the weight literally fell off and I wasn’t hungry. Unfortunately that low of a carb intake made me a hormonal mess!! I was angry for no reason haha. The guys didn’t have this issue at all. I did some research and to sum it up women need carbs to keep from going insane. So I switched to 50 carbs per day… 

I’ve been on 50 carb days with an occasional high carb day the last two months. The weight loss is not as fast with low carb diet as it is with keto but it’s very easy to maintain! My weight doesn’t yo-yo like it has with other diets and I have plenty of energy. 

Note: you can drink on the keto and low carb diet! Cheers!

If you would like some how-to info and recipes follow on Pinterest. (Keto ready)

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