Just to Please the People..

When I watch certain movies that depict the lives of stars, I always follow up with refresher documentaries that I’ve seen earlier in life or not at all. So tonight, I am flooding my little brain with further documentations that support the movie “All Eyes On Me!” I must say the amount of problems celebrities face is beyond what most could ever imagine facing on a daily. 

 Why do you think media and fans spend their time badgering celebrities? Why do folks think these people don’t have feelings and fears? They are simply just one of us! How do you think you would handle the PRESSURES walking in their shoes?
Why are people so quick to go with the first story they are told about something or someone? Some stars spend most of their careers defending themselves rather than actually enjoying their earnings after all of their hard work! Day in and day out! Just to PLEASE THE PEOPLE!

– Shardae


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