“I am that Junkie” – the other side of addiction 

This is a repost from a friend I grew up with in Boston. With her permission, I’m sharing her opinion of the emergency use of narcan. She grew up in the suburbs of Boston just like I did with hard working parents and great schools. However, like so many others that grew up with us she struggled with addiction. I’m happy to say that she is one tough cookie and is on the road to recovery!


“It seems like every time I open my Facebook, there is a story or post related to the opiate epidemic and everyone has their opinion. I never comment, but I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer. I am that “junkie”, the word that some of you love to throw around. And thank GOD for narcan, because I am that person that was saved by it more than once. And trust me, I never thought that I could get as high as I wanted and know that it was there to save me. I am that person who, if not for someone being there to prevent it, would’ve been that person who overdosed and was thrown out of a moving car to be left for dead. But what’s another dead junkie, right?? I love how people say that it was a choice to use and it’s our own fault. You’re right, because just like almost EVERY ONE OF YOU, I made a choice and started drinking and smoking weed with my friends as a teenager. I bet a lot of you did coke once in a while, even if you won’t admit it. Or maybe you’ve been prescribed pain killers and were just able to stop when the prescription ran out. I would give anything to be like you. ANYTHING. But I’m not. I have a mental disease that, when I put a substance in my body, it sets off a phenomenon​ of craving and a mental obsession and I CANT STOP. And it’s progressive, meaning that I kept going to something stronger to survive mentally. So why me? Is it because addiction and alcoholism runs in my family? Is it because I’ve battled with mental illness since I was a kid? It really doesn’t matter. What matters is what I’m gonna do from here on out. I will have to fight every day for the rest of my life against a disease that would love nothing more than to make me a statistic. So next time you want to call someone a junkie, remember that you’re friends with one.”

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