Oil life: clean and chemical free 

I can’t keep it to myself and a few friends anymore. I have to let everyone know about the power of Oils!!! Seriously you guys!! Young living oils and supplements have done so much good for our family and using their chemical free body and hair care products on my family has giving me such a peace of mind. Then there is the Thieves natural cleaner!! Oh my goodness! Knowing that I can clean my whole house with ONE product that really works and makes my house smell wonderful makes me smile. What makes me smile even more is being able to give a bottle of this completely safe cleaning product to my kids so they can clean their own bathroom and not have to feeling guilty about what chemicals I am exposing them to. 
So just few testimonies of what oils has done for my family:

My little one had a sore ear and was crying non stop. You know that horrible, ” I’m in so much pain please mommy just fix me,” kind of cry. I got out my oils and put a cotton ball soaked in purification, Melrose and lavender over her ear and she finally went to sleep. She woke up 4 hours later and handed me the cotton ball and said she was all better! Thank you Young Living!! (FYI: never put oils directly in the ear! Only around the external parts of the ear.)

My dad lived off over the counter pain meds for years for all his back problems and other aches and pains. I was so worried about his liver and kidneys and I finally asked him to please try this natural supplement for join support called Agilease. A month after taking it he told me he has not felt this good in years, hasn’t taking any other meds for weeks and he will never stop taking it!😄 

I am telling you all this because we all know a kid under the weather or someone struggling with pain and many other issues and these products work so well on and do not carry all those other dangerous side effect that so many other popular drugs have. I could go on for days and I am so passionate about this and what I have seen young living do!! People ask me if I “sell” oils and I guess the quick answer is yes but it is so so so much more than that. What I do is teach people how to use oils to help them with the issues that are specifically affecting them and show them how to live a lifestyle with dramatically less chemicals which is such a rush for me. Whether I know you or not, to hear of someone who was helping by using oils is a great feeling that makes me so happy for them! If you ever have any questions please never ever hestitate and comment and I will be happy to help you and provide as much info as I can about natural and chemical free solutions!!  Comment or shoot us an email at blogimready@gmail.com for more info. 

– Milissa 

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