Get that grill fired up!

Shardae and I (Ang) have a Fourth of July tradition of food, fireworks, and family. We cook enough food to feed an army, sip wine, and my husband entertains the kids with fireworks. 

It’s been going 4 years strong now and it gets better every time. This year Shardae SLAYED the grill!  We had chicken thighs, wings, and kebabs. Along with a spinach salad, grilled potatoes and of course burgers and hot dogs for the kids. 

Shardae purchases all of her spices from a local Kansas City farmers market. You can purchase blends like jerk, lemon pepper or curry. These are nothing like the regular McCormick spices you find at the grocery store. Trust me!

The meat was seasoned to perfection!

The kebabs consisted of chicken breast, onions and peppers, mushroom, pineapple and jalapeños.  She seasoned all the ingredients and drizzled a sauce over them while on the grill. The sauce is a combination of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and worchestire sauce. 

Throw that on grill and sip a glass of Merlot and that my friends is Fourth of July Magic!!


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