Girls with Guns!! 

Nothing feels more empowering and exhilarating than getting out to the shooting range! I will admit I get nervous when I shoot a new gun for the first time but once I get the hang of it, it’s pretty awesome! 

For those located in the Kansas City area there is a group called SOS: 4women with Moxie. (SOS stands for shooting and outdoor sports) The group is organized by volunteers that provides firearms and safety training to women. It’s completely free and they provide everything you need weapon, ammo, targets.. Everything!

Today we went to a pistol event where we shot a 22 and a 9. I pretty much suck at shooting a 9, it’s loud, it’s heavy, and the recoil scares me! The trainer worked with me to improve my posture and grip and eventually had me shooting with one hand to get over my gripping issues. 

*Shooting to the side was really fun and I felt like a Gangster lol

The training I was provided on the 9 really improved my shot on the 22. The 22 is an easy to shoot gun, if you are shooting a pistol for the first time I suggest you start with the 22. 

We shared a target while shooting the 22. 

The instructors said if we lived together we could hang our target on the front door as a warning! Our shots were almost identical; the first shots were a little off but we were able to correct and make a nice little cluster in the middle. 

If you live in the KC area look up the SOS group on Facebook to sign up for their next event. We will be going back to try our hand at Skeet shooting in the Fall. 

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