Ready for a Transformation: passing the mirror test 

Alright! We’re doing it.. we talked about it.. we made a plan and now We Are Ready!! 

We’ve decided that although we are confident, happy, and energetic women it’s time we got serious about improving our health and getting rid of some extra pounds. 

We call it the “Mirror Test”. The mirror test is that feeling you get in the mirror when you are completely satisfied with the way you look. It’s not about a number on the scale or dress size and to be clear satisfaction doesn’t mean perfection. Satisfaction comes from being able to put on that Body Con dress without Spanks! Satisfaction is not having to take a social media pic from a high angle to make yourself look better. Satisfaction is not altering your outfits to hide those trouble areas. You know like wearing a flowy top with a pencil skirt to hide that mama pooch! This is very different from perfection. Trying to achieve perfection will lead to never being satisfied and that is not what we want.  

So here we go! We are doing this in 6 week increments. We will post our results at the end of each 6 weeks until we are satisfied with the mirror test. We each have a different plan on how we are going to achieve our results. 

Milissa’s plan:

-Clean eating:

 Lots of fruit and veggies, no processed foods, preservatives and excess sugar. I’m not completely restricting myself of anything because I already know that doesn’t stick with me so just clean healthy eating with no cheat meals but the occasional “splurge”. 

-drink 80 ounces of water a day with citrus oil 

-get 6 hours of sleep a night

-work out 4-5 days a week



*weights 5-10 lbs for arms

*10-15 minute ab circuits 

-End goal

*Don’t care about what the scale says just want to pass the “mirror test”. I’m doing this for me and my own happiness with the image I see back in that reflection. My family already sees a beautiful person and I want to see a beautiful body too! 

Shardae’s plan:

Morning- Fresh juice that will contains cucumbers, lemons and kale or strawberries, cucumber and lemons 

Lunch- Protein Shake

followed by a cardio workout (brisk walking downtown kc) about an hour

Dinner- variations of veggie salads and 3oz. of Salmon if I am still hungry

Water intake all day sometimes I’ll infuse it with lemons and mint leaves.

Ang’s Plan:

Low-carb diet, limiting carbs to 50g a day while watching my caloric intake. 

I plan to really step-up my workout which to be honest is non-existent right now! I really love boxing and have a punching bag in my home. So I will box, walk/jog, and swim 4-5 days a week. Depending on my energy level with the increase of activity I might start carb cycling. I will make a separate post about how my body reacts to carb cycling if I decide to go that route. 

So there you have it! I will say that we struggled with putting up before pics on a public post. We hope to gain the courage to post a yoga pants and sports bra pic after the initial first 6 weeks. 

If you want to join our 6 week challenge comment below and if you’re brave enough post a before pic! If you would like workout or diet ideas visit our Pinterest page. 

– Ang, Milissa, Shardae 

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