Bout that Low Carb life!! 

If you follow our blog you know we have just begun the first 6 weeks in our transformation challenge. 

Ready for a transformation: passing the mirror test 

So I’ve been searching keto, fitness, and weight loss blogs on WordPress and figured I would share a few of my Low carb/ Keto friendly favorites that help me stay on track to avoid getting cupcake wasted!  (See My Keto Journey thus Far if you want to know more about how I got started and what I’ve learned)

Ok! Are you ready?

The first and most important snack there is!!! Chocolate! Any diet where you can squeeze in a little chocolate deliciousness is ok with me. 

Lilly’s Chocolate is sweetened with Stevia so it reduces the calories and carbs. A serving, which is half the bar has a total of 9 net carbs. If you are doing a low carb diet 9 carbs is nothing. If you are doing a Keto diet, less than 20g of carbs, you might want to limit yourself to a row which is about 3 carbs. I usually have two rows and feel satisfied.  My favorite flavor is the coconut. 

Second on the list is cocktails. At home I like to make this lil diddy I found on Pinterest:

I use just a drop of Young Living Lavender essential oil 

And Minute Maid’s Lite lemonade 

I also throw in a few frozen blueberries to make it fancy! This cocktail is next level amazing! Especially if you’re a fan of Prosecco. 

When I’m out I just use this cheat sheet. 

I usually stick with a glass of wine. If I know I’m going to happy hour after work I try to have zero to no carbs for breakfast and lunch. 

Alright now for a recipe.. the one tried and true, can’t go wrong, can’t mess up, super versatile recipe is Fathead pizza Crust. Visit our Pinterest page, Keto board for the recipe.  You can use this to make pizza, crackers, nachos.. you name it!

I make a chicken, alfredo, spinach pizza using the Fathead crust recipe. 

Best low carb cookie hands down is Grace’s best Sunflower Seed cookie. 

Now this is a warning!!!! Pay attention! These babies are delicious and dangerous! They have 15 net carbs per serving, which is 5 cookies. Do not! I repeat, do not sit down with an entire bag because that bag will disappear! Trust me!  I separate servings into sandwich bags so I don’t over eat them. 

Oatmeal and cereal; a breakfast staple that is hard to find low-carb. 

The Special K cereal and the apple cinnamon flavored oatmeal both have 15 net carbs. I eat the cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 

My last tip is to get creative!  Try tuna salad on a lettuce boat. Starkist has a ton of different flavors.  Make a buffalo chicken dip and use porkrinds as your chip (just watch the calories). I really love food and I’ve found the low-carb diet to be the most compatible with my lifestyle. 

 Comment below if you’re looking for a particular low carb snack replacement. All I do is eat and research so I’m sure I can help 🙂 

Hope this helps!


One thought on “Bout that Low Carb life!! 

  1. I love the cinnamon brown sugar Special K protein cereal. I think there are lots of low carb yummy options out there. Good luck with your journey!!


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