Smoke Brewing Co: happy hour review

We love happy hour! It’s the best time to try new restaurants. Cheap cocktails and discounted appetizers. 

I recently posted a video on our instagram and Facebook page of pork rinds from Smoking Brewing Co. 

Pork rinds
The guys I work with wanted to give it a try so we went there for an office happy hour. 

Smoking Brewing Co is a brewery.. duh, I know! The guys had a few different beers, they seem to like them ok but weren’t over the top. I had the restaurants version of a Moscow mule, the smoke mule. It’s a normal mule but with jalapeño vodka. I really enjoyed it. 

This is their blood orange pale ale. I was told that it had a slight fruity taste but was just an overall “meh.” Another co-worker had the Farmhouse Funk ale which he seemed to like and ordered another round.  The waitress was helpful in helping everyone choose a beer and was very knowledgeable. A++++ in my book! 

Foodie pet peeve: when you ask a server what they like on the menu and they say everything. Tell me your favorite, help me decide! 

For the non-alcoholic beverages they have a Nitro Cold brew Coffee from Post Coffee Co. (a local coffee company in Lee’s Summit, MO) 

My co-worker described this as delicious and strong! 

Their slogan is “Come for the beer and stay for the food” but the food was the real highlight of happy hour. 

First off…  Hot and scrumptious , the pork rinds!

Chicken fried bacon with a white gravy for dipping. These went fast, everyone at the table gobbled it up. My only suggestion is to make the gravy a little smoother. It was a little on the lumpy side but still really good. 

Next, smoke sauce with chips. 

Smoke Sauce: craft beer cheese sauce with chopped brisket and green chilies 

Chips: soft, seasoned fried dough. GOOD!!! Mind-blown! I seriously could have ate this entire plate and wished they made tacos using the same bread. 

*the dip went so fast I didn’t get a chance to get a good picture:) 

BBQ fries, nothing super unique about these but I did appreciate the fact that the fries were crispy so they didn’t get soggy under all the toppings of cheese, brisket and BBQ sauce. 

We also tried the smoked wings but got the sauces on the side. I tried their white BBQ and a honey wheat sauce. The white BBQ sauce took a taste or two to appreciate it. It was good but had a weird taste that I couldn’t place. Maybe mustard or nutmeg?! I don’t know, but I liked it. 

So to sum it up… 

beer = meh, food = yeah 

I would definitely go back again, maybe for dinner. 

Smoke Brewing Co

209 SE Main St. Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

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