Eating Clean and Drinking Dirty.. transformation update

“Eating clean and drinking dirty,” this is how Shardae summarized her first two weeks of the transformation! Haha

The first week we kind of failed in the workout department but we did manage to get our diets in check. We are in our second week now and getting into the swing of things. 

Shardae is doing a 40 minute walk in the morning before work. Milissa and I (Ang) have been working out in the evenings after work. 

We wanted to share a few things we’ve been doing to keep us on track:

Shardae is always on the go. Always!! So when she needs to grab something quick to eat, then Panera Bread it is! Her go to meal is the Spicy Thai Salad (without meat) and an apple instead of the roll. 

(If you’re doing low carb, keep the chicken and get rid of the wontons)

Milissa is all about clean eating and her Young Living oils. She just ordered the Young Living 5 day cleanse, she’ll be trying that in about a week or so.


We will post another update with her results. 

I’ve been sticking my low-carb diet and that seems to be going well.  I have a new favorite YouTube workout from the Fitness Marshall.  It’s short dance workouts to popular songs. You might feel kind of ridiculous at first but his workouts are fun and easy to get into. 

Check out this video on YouTube:

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