Try something new in KC: Mesob restaurant review 

Soft lighting, smooth jazz, and a warm welcome; impressed to say the least.

Mesob is a Kansas City, Westport District Ethiopian/Caribbean restaurant nestled in a strip mall. Judging from the outside you would think you are about to walk into a “hole in the wall” restaurant. Mesob is a diamond in the rough! Chic furnishings give the restaurant a modern island feel. Shardae calls it “upscale island” visited Mesob on Friday night for “Smooth Friday,” which features a live Jazz band. We started with cocktails. (surprised? Haha) 

Tej – a homemade Ethiopian honey wine served in a berele. 

Soooooo this was different! I expected something like a sweet honey Moscato. It’s a taste all its own. It’s a honey wine that’s brewed and flavored with gesho, a twig similar to hops. After the initial taste shock, I liked it. It was also sneakily strong. About half way through the berele I found myself a little tipsy. When I say a little tipsy at one point I scooted my chair closer to the table and I felt like the entire restaurant moved with me. Lol more water please!! 

The drink menu also included several beers from Ethiopia and Haiti. My intent was to try one so I could give you all a review but my alcohol tolerance said Not today! 

Mesob Mojito – Pomegranate, Basil Syrup, Soda Water, and white rum. 

Milissa ordered this one. Not to sweet and the basil syrup was a unique play on the usual Mojito. This was a winner, perfect for the Summer. 

Gold Rush – Lacerny Bourbon, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquer, and Lemon Juice  

Shardae knows her Bourbon, and this cocktail was spot on. Milissa and I will take her word for it because.. Bourbon! Can’t handle it! 

Now for the appetizers:

Crab cakes 

Perfectly seasoned with the right ratio of blue crab and breading. Our waitress raved about these and she was right. Deliciousness!

Papita – fried plantain chips dusted with Parmesan served with a mango salsa and cilantro pesto. 

Good! I’ve had plantain chips like this in Puerto Rico but not with the cilantro pesto. The sauce had a robust flavor with a little kick. These were gone fast. 

Konk – Bahamian Conch lightly fried and served with cilantro lime pesto and sriracha aioli. 

Seasoned, not greasy, hot and crisp, absolutely perfect! We all were surprised by the Konk. We’ve never had conch served and fried like you would calamari. 

Yes, we still had room for entrees! 

Key Wot – stewed beef in a spicy sauce with onions and garlic. With a side of collard greens and red lentils. All served on top of injera, an Ethiopian flat bread. 

Griot – marinated and fried pork shoulder served with plantains and spicy coleslaw. 

Meat combination of Doro Wot, Beg Alitcha, and Key Wot.  With a side of Tikil Gomen, a combination of potatoes and cabbage and red lentils. All served on top of injera. 

Doro Wot – chicken drumstick in a spicy sauce served with a hard boiled egg and ayib cheese. Ayib cheese is like a fresh cottage cheese and ricotta hybrid. 

Beg Alitcha – lamb cooked in a mild ginger sauce. 

Key Woot – same as above

We all sampled each other’s food. The injera was soft and fun to eat with your hands. The Key Wot and Doro Wot was spicy and the meat was very Tender. Everything had a distinct flavor. The Ethiopian dishes at face value look like Indian curries but they don’t have that curry, coconut milk taste like you would expect. 

In all, Mesob was a new experience and we enjoyed ourselves. We plan to go back for their live Reggae band on Saturday nights. We want to try the Caribbean side of the menu which features some favorites like oxtails, jerk ribs and chicken and waffles. 


3600 Broadway 

Kansas City, Mo

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