Quick stop on a rainy day.. Coffee Cove Company 

We made a quick stop to visit Coffee Cove Company on a rainy Saturday morning located in Lake Lotawana, MO. Lake Lotawana is a small town about 30 miles east of Kansas City.

Greeted with smiles and the rhythmic sounds of Mumford & Sons., we felt right at home. 

Like I said, this was a quick stop.  We got our coffee to-go but had time to chat with the staff and take a few pictures. Coffee Cove had lots of syrup flavors and fresh baked pastries to offer. I went with the coconut cream pie latte with almond milk and Milissa created her own latte concoction of salted caramel and cinnamon with coconut milk. I know it sounds weird but she said it was good. My coffee was perfect, strong and not to sweet!

(Side note: I love the fact that dairy alternatives are becoming more and more common. Do you know the looks I would get walking into a small town coffee shop asking for almond milk a year ago?!?)

While our coffee was made we took the time to look around. 

They have some really cute t-shirts too! 

Great experience and a new local favorite! 

Coffee Cove Company 

9502 Lake Lotawana Rd

Lake Lotawana, MO 


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