Our new workout obsession: Ballet

I would like to start off by saying that Ballerinas are Gangsters! This week we decided to switch it up and do a couple ballet workouts we found on YouTube. Who doesn’t want that long, sleek and lean look, right? 

Well we found this lady. 

Mary Helen Bowers aka Evil-Lina! She trained Natalie Portman for the Black Swan movie. She starts you out fluttering your arms like a delicate swan and a few minutes in you realize your arms are not swan wings! They are heavy weights and all they want to do is stop moving!

I digress… the workouts are really good, tough but effective. So if you’re looking for something to improve your core strength and help you tighten up, ballet is where it’s at. There are seperate workouts on YouTube arms, legs, hips and abs. Give it a try!  

Big up to all the dancers out there! 🙂 


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