Filipino food hiding out in a mall food court. Galing! 

I’m with the kids in the mall doing a little back to school shopping and of course they get hungry, so we head to the food court. Any respectable foodie has very low expectations of the typical food court. You know, pizza, random Chinese place, subway and then add a couple of popular local chains, and Violà you have a mall food court. 

Well I was in for quite a surprise when I stumbled upon (drumroll)

A Filipino restaurant in the middle of Missouri, in a food court! That my friends is a foodie win! 

I’m talking halo-halo, Siopao, chicken adobo, lumpia and so much more!! 

I wasn’t very hungry so I just tried the pancit, siopao, and lumpia… What? It’s a light snack! Lol 

Here are a few pics of my food:

Siopao ( Filipino steamed dumpling) filled with beef. Sweet, savory cloud of deliciousness!

Lumpia (Filipino egg roll) filled with pork and vegetables. Lumpia has more meat than a typical Chinese egg roll. An order came with 6, but my kids devoured them. I’m lucky to have got a picture!

Of course the lumpia was served with sweet chili sauce. I’ve might have lost a finger if I tried to take it away from my son for a picture! (He’s a foodie like his mom) 

The owner gave me a sample of the pancit. He told me I had to try at least a taste! (He gave me a sample before he knew I had a blog and was planning to do a review, so Thank You!) 

Finding this gem really made my day! (Way more then I would like to admit) Nothing like an unexpected foodie find. 

Tito’s BBQ is located at the Independence Center Mall, Independence, MO. 

– Ang 


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