The kiddos were out of school today so I took them on a little field trip. Our last stop of the day was to Popculture; a family owned and operated gourmet popcorn shop.  We definitely saved the best for last! 

It was like walking into a cornucopia of popcorn deliciousness! So many flavors from sweet to savory to extra buttery! 

Click the link to see all of their flavors. Popculture 

Bonus: gluten and dairy free options are available as well

There were so many flavors it was really hard to choose, they had a mac and cheese! I tried the BBQ (suggested by the owner, Channing), White Chocolate (my daughter’s choice), and the Carmel Apple. 

Ummm I’m going to go on record and say this: 

“Popculture is better than Topsy’s and Garretts popcorn!” 

I know those are big shoes to fill but I think Popculture has it! The candied Carmel Apple was perfection, the BBQ will make KC proud, and the White Chocolate had just the right amount of chocolate drizzle. 

This how I spent the rest of my Friday night….

On my couch stuffing my face!! #momlife

Popculture ships so if you don’t live in the Kansas City area you can still stuff your face with popcorn happiness just like me. 


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