3 days in NOLA: What to do and Where to go! 

I don’t even know where to begin! The food, the nightlife, the culture, the art… New Orleans has it all!

We have come to the conclusion the New Orleans is the new Vegas. It has the night life, the gambling, the shows, and variety of food. Upscale to dive and everything in between. The difference is Nola feels like home; the locals are welcoming and the crowds are diverse. It’s the let your hair down and wear some flats type of good time.  So here is a taste of some of the top places we visited on our 3 day tour:

Frenchman St

Our first night we went to the Blue Nile, a live music venue on Frenchman St. A band called the Brass-A-Holics were playing. 

Next door to the Blue Nile was another venue called Maison. 

Didn’t grab a great picture of the artist or her name.  Sometimes your having too much fun to document properly…did I mention that Nola is the new Vegas? 

Side note: there’s a random swing contraption you can ride that was going down Frenchman

Bourbon St

Bourbon st is fun! Very touristy but a good time. I had every intention of taking pictures and videos for a Vlog about Bourbon St.  but again sometimes the fun takes over! I did take notes of the places I really liked. Here is a list of the places we found the most fun:

  • The Swamp
  • Radio bar & patio
  • Funky 544
  • Famous door

The best thing about Bourbon is the majority of the bars have no cover so you can hop in and out until you find a spot that you like.  Just about every bar we went to had plastic cups at the door to take your drink to go. So you don’t feel trapped at one location while you finish your drink. 

Tip: Daiquiri/Pizza spots on every block. Take a break and get a slice! The pizza is hot fresh and delicious. If your with a group that doesn’t want the party to stop while you get your grub on. They also have a full bar and Jell-O shots. 

Rooftop bars

We had a list of roof top bars we wanted to visit but we only made it to two…. time flies when your having fun!

The Hot Tin

This rooftop bar is located on top of the Pontchartrain hotel in the Garden District

We rode a pedicab there from Bourbon. It only cost $6 and it gave is a chance to take in the sites and enjoy the nice weather. 

This rooftop bar was cool but the crowd wasn’t that great. Not much mingling or group conversation. It had an after work drink vibe… not really what we were looking for.  We did get an amazing quick bite to eat at the Bayou Bar located in the Poncharttain Hotel as well. 

The NOPSI hotel is a new luxury hotel located in the Central Business District. The roof top bar was beautiful! Diverse crowd, good music, and amazing bartenders.

The bartender Tony made me a vodka lemonade which might have been one of the best drinks I had while in NOLA.  He started with grenadine, made fresh lemonade on the spot and topped it off with a blueberry. 

French Quarter:

Of course the french quarter is home to Bourbon St. but there are so many great restaurants, shops, art galleries located in the Quarter as well.  

Take some time during the day to walk around and visit in the shops. You’ll be entertained by the street musicians on your way. 

If you google places to visit while in the French Quarter you’ll definitely see the Carousel bar located in hotel Monteleone named on every site. It’s worth all the hype! Go there for an early evening cocktail. The bar is absolutely beautiful. Go!​


(The bar rotates. I tried to capture that in the video)
Tip: You’ll encounter a few homeless people in your travels around the Quarter. Some might get belligerent  but most just mind their own business. Give some change if you want if not just keep it moving. No one is going to bother you if you don’t engage.

Street cars

We took the St Charles street car starting from Canal St. An all day pass cost $3 and the car runs for 24 hrs. The St Charles runs through the garden district that’s home to many celebrities and their gorgeous homes.   We rode the street car to Magazine St. 

Tip: The streetcar only takes exact change. The locals told us to ride the entire route first and then get off at our destination. We took their advice. It’s a great way to see Nola and gives you time to relax. 

Magazine St 

Magazine St is home to a bunch of quirky boutiques and a variety of restaurants, upscale and dive and there’s also a nightlife scene.  

I found the cutest red dress from a boutique on magazine called Rye and accessories from a boutique called Trendz, all reasonably priced. 

We stumbled upon this life saver while making our way through the shops. 

The Superfood bar is definitely what you need after a late night out filled with Cajun food and.. 

In between the sight seeing, shopping, and night life we had some pretty good food as well.. here are a few pics 

This post is really just a piece of our NOLA experience. A lot of people think that all New Orleans has to offer is nightlife and food. It’s really so much more then drinking and beads on Bourbon St. Grab a few friends and head down to Nola for the weekend, you won’t be disappointed. 

Take a peek at our instagram for more pics. 

– Ang 

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