The Copper Monkey, NOLA 

While in New Orleans on our 3 day adventure we met a lot of locals and took their advice on where to go and what to eat.   That’s how we found the Copper Monkey

We were looking for a late night food spot and our hotel bartender mentioned that we (industry folks) go to the Copper Monkey. So we were on our way! 

Copper Monkey is located on a side street off of Bourbon. Their motto is “better than bar food” and that is a true statement! The food was so good! Take a look:

The Whitney special – mashed potatoes topped with chicken fingers, nacho cheese, sour cream, and bacon. ( I got the small because I’m on a diet 🤣😂) 

Crawfish poppers – ummm the!

And the entire reason I wanted to write this review… drumroll 

Monkey Buns – banana filled beignets 

These were so much better than Cafe Du Monde.  (Taps Mic) I REPEAT, THESE BEIGNETS ARE BETTER THAN CAFE DU MONDE! The dough was light and the filling tasted like bananas foster. I get that Cafe Du Monde is a famous spot and tourist attraction but if you just want a good beignet, Copper Monkey is where it’s at. 

The atmosphere was very relaxed. Jazz played softly in the background while the KC Chiefs game was on the bar TV’s. The cook brought the food out and you could tell he took pride in his product. Best of all there was no overly friendly waitress to interrupt our conversation every 5 minutes. We met a few locals while we were there, most were just getting off work from the area restaurants.  I feel like I might have spilled the beans on a NOLA, local secret but this place was too good not to share! 

Copper Monkey Grill

725 Conti Street, NOLA 

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