Taco Taco Taco!

In honor of Taco Tuesday I thought I would share some of our favorite Mexican spots in the Kansas City area. These aren’t listed on any particular order: 

Dos De Oros
Martin City, Missouri 

Dos de Oros has two locations right across the street from each other. One is a sit down restaurant and the other a taqueria. The taqueria specializes in street tacos. 

Several locations throughout Kansas City

If your looking for authentic Mexican food this isn’t the place, but the have a buy one get one taco special on Tuesdays and a really good happy hour. 

El Paso
Holden, MO

This is a dive Mexican restaurant, in the middle of nowhere, located right off a major highway. The customer service can’t be beat at El Paso! The waiters are always friendly and flirting with the ladies (not in a creepy way) šŸ˜Š. The margaritas here are strong and the food is flavorful. If you ever find yourself driving through Missouri on Hwy 50, make the stop!

California Taco Shop
Independence, MO

Milissa recently discovered this place with her family. California Taco Shop has $1 street tacos on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Its 24hrs and they serve breakfast that includes pancakes! 

Kansas City, MO

Manny’s is one of Shardae’s favorite spots and I’m a fan of their enchiladas. They are located in the Crossroads district of Kansas City which is home to nightlife, art galleries, and trendy restaurants. A great place to start a night out. 

Even better than going out, is taco night at our homes. We all get together with our families and have taco night. It’s easy prep and the kids love it. 

– Ang 

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