“I am not my hair” – India Arie 

My favorite thing to do sometimes is search ‘buzzcut’, ‘big chop’, or ‘brush cut’ on Pinterest. These women are my people and seeing them rocking almost no hair gives me such inspiration.

I mean, have you seen Sanaa Lathan lately?! Speechless!!

It’s not really about the fact that she, among other countless women, have chopped off all their hair, but what they exude in the pictures they post.

They are the epitome of confidence and self-love.

I decided to undergo the clipper cut way back in 2014. Trying to transition back from relaxed to 4c hair was proving to be a painful and completely unsexy process. The breakage was unbelievable. I was finding nothing that could help me manage the dryness of it all. I had no idea how to deal with the two textures, with the ends being so frail and broken, and the roots being dense and thick. I was starting to deal with hair that was breaking off at the point where the two textures met (line of demarcation). I just woke up one morning and decided it all had to go.

And so it went.

There are countless reasons a woman would decide to do what I did. Some women decide to let it go because they’re battling cancer or illness. For some, it’s a bucket list item they want to check off. Some, like me, just want a fresh start and new beginning. Some, also like me, are ‘hair lazy’, and just want something a little easier to maintain. Some lost a bet…

But whatever the reason, any woman who would willingly sit and let someone buzz all of their hair off is a brave woman. She’s a confident woman for all the obvious reasons. She understands that her beauty is not attached to her hair. She is the India Arie song. She’s a badass. A rebel. She’s giving the finger to all the ‘woman with a fade’ stereotypes and assumptions. She’s willing to not only transcend society’s ideas of feminine beauty, but she sets the standard on fire.

If she grew up like me, combing the hair of her Barbie dolls and watching Ms. America pageants, she learned very young that long, flowing hair was that standard. All of her favorite female singers had long, luscious locks. She saw boys in school always gravitate to the girls with the long hair. She wanted long hair herself. As she became a woman, she’d try weaves and wigs. She would ‘go natural’ and return to the relaxer (and deeply regret it!!). And she would feel pretty by society’s standards. When she found shorter hair suited her, she’d do the Halle Berry cut for years. Even then, she still blended in. She didn’t stick out because of her hair. Her hair was ‘normal’. It didn’t break any ‘rules’. It was comfortable enough.

And then one morning I wake up and said to hell with all of that! As comfortable as being ‘normal’ is, it still felt like a weight was on my head. My hair was something I was bound to. I felt trapped by it. Taking care of my hair was a never ending cycle of a ton of product, time, and maintenance. It felt arduous. I wanted to be free of it all…well, at least a lot of it anyway.

So I let it go and never looked back! I love it! I feel sexy, confident, and brave with a fresh cut. And that’s why I keep buzzing all my hair off. I ‘feel myself’ a lot more this way. It’s just a feature of my ‘best self’. The women I see on social media showing off their new cut give me so much energy and inspiration because I know what it takes to pull it off. There have been a couple of women who have taken me as their inspiration. The compliment is HUGE!!

The same thing applies to all women, and includes all hair types.

Whatever hair you’re rocking, let it enhance your ‘best self’ and inner beauty. If you feel amazing in long, pastel unicorn hair, or a blond buzzcut then go with it!! Love the hair you’re in! Love your curls and coils. Love your waves and kinkiness. Switch it up. Straighten it and make it sleek and sexy.. Try Joker-green hair if you want! It’s all about what makes YOU happy. It’s about what makes YOU feel good.

And if you’re a woman breaking boundaries by wearing an out-of-the-box hairdo, I am here cheering you on with handclaps and Arsenio Hall fist thingies (what do you call them??). I love what you stand for.

Have you buzzed off all your hair? How did it feel for you? I love hearing these stories!!

Are you thinking of doing it? Be brave. It does grow back.

– Gena, imready.blog contributor 

One thought on ““I am not my hair” – India Arie 

  1. I had to go short (not buzzed) for health reasons last year, and I’m in love with it! I was a symmetrical at first so I giess the right side was buzzed but I’m not about to go in every 4-6 for upkeep! But I think the cut is powerful and badass for sure!! ✨

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