A New Orleans Brunch in Smithville, MO 

Soirée is a family owned restaurant, specializing in Cajun and creole cuisine. 

We visited Soirée New Orleans Bistro for Sunday brunch. We just got back from NOLA two weeks ago and we miss it already! This brunch was the Cajun, comfort food fix we needed. 

How do we find these places, you ask? Well..

A friend texted us this picture from Soirée’s Facebook page and we immediately made plans to go! Like within 30 seconds of receiving this picture. 

So let’s get to it.. We started with mimosas because what’s brunch without mimosas, right? Added bonus, they were on special for $5. They had some fun cocktails on the drink menu as well like the Cajun margarita, a sweet tea sangria, and a watermelon margarita. 

Appetizer: Crawfish Bread 

The basket came out with about 6 pieces that we all shared. It was so good we ordered a second basket. 

Entrees: shrimp and grits, chicken and biscuits, seafood boil 

This food was life!!! Seasoned, fresh, and delicious! The entree portion size was perfect and reasonably priced. 

We ordered dessert because we like our reviews to be thorough 😉

Dessert: seasonal mixed berry cobbler, sweet potato cheesecake, and beignets with a salted caramel dipping sauce

I don’t have words…  I mean just ridiculously good! 

We will most definitely be returning! There were so many items on the menu we want to try like the jambalaya, Po’ Boys, and banana pudding. 

Soirée New Orleans Bistro

14121 Earthworks Drive

Smithville, MO 

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