My love affair with Historical downtown: Tara’s Cafe and Malt Shop

If you follow the blog, I previously wrote about the historical downtown of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
This edition of the Historical downtown love affair features Tara’s Cafe and Malt Shop in Belton, Missouri.  

Tara’s is a small family owned and operated restaurant where you’ll find a friendly staff, fatty and oh so delicious diner food, and the malts! 

I recently visited Tara’s with my co-workers for lunch. The amount of food we ordered was absolutely ridiculous!

And to wash it all down…shakes and malts!

Don’t let the neutral color fool you! Our table tried the S’mores, Root Beer float, Butterscotch Malt, and Double Chocolate. You definitely get your money’s worth at Tara’s. 

All the food was cooked on a small grill by the owner. By the time we ordered our meal the waitress was calling us by our first names and cracking jokes. I ordered so much food that one of the waitresses came over and said (in the sweetest grandma voice) “oh honey, your not going to eat all that!”  I told her she would be surprised! 

You just can’t beat that feeling you get when you step into a restaurant and feel right at home. When a small business owner takes pride in their work and loves what they do, it shows. 

Visit Tara’s, order a shake with your meal and ENJOY! 

Tara’s Cafe and Malt Shop

401 Main St. 

Belton, MO 

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