Powder-dip manicure: Don’t believe the hype! 

So I’ll just go ahead and start this out with saying I’m not that impressed!  There are some definite pros of powder vs gel or acrylic but not enough to try it again.  

Before I get into the details of my experience, let me explain the process. Basically the powder manicure consists of a base coat application, your nail is dipped into a colored powder of your choosing. This happens a couple of times until a good coat is formed. A sealant is then applied and you have a glossy finish. 

(Note: I know I have old lady fingers, so let me live internet trolls!)

This is the dipping process. She has applied the base coat and is now dipping my fingers into the powder.

Reason #1 of why I don’t like this manicure: She is literally dipping my fingers into a community pot of germs! There was no hand sanitizer or anything applied to my hands before dipping my fingers into the powder. That means random people’s snot and poop fingers are just swimming in the powder! 

After there’s a good coat of powder on your nails. The technician buffs and shapes the nail with a drill and file. 

Reason #2: I thought the powder was supposed to skip the whole drill thing. It wasn’t on my natural nail but this manicure is pretty much like an acrylic overlay. 

Finally a “gel like” coat of polish is applied and yournails dry under a UV light for a few minutes. 

The end result looked just like a gel manicure. The difference is that the powder has staying power! There was not a chip insight for weeks! I know gel is supposed to not chip but it always breaks and chips on my natural nails. That is my only positive I have to say about the dip powder manicure. If you have strong, pretty nails and you just want a polish that will stay then I would choose powder over a gel manicure. Other than that… I got nothing. 

The powder ate away at my natural nail just like a gel manicure does. There is so much hype around this dip powder. It’s supposed to be a healthier alternative to acrylics. It’s not! 

The main ingredient of dipping powder is polyethylmethacrylate. Do you know what polyethylmethacrylate is? It’s acrylic! 

Don’t be fooled! 

End rant 😊


Featured image from Glamour.com

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