Westside Local, a Kansas City Farm to Market restaurant

When you think of Kansas City’s food scene BBQ is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Well, Farm to Table and Farm to Market restaurants are gaining popularity and popping up all over the city.

Farm to Table/Farm to Market means restaurants/chefs purchase their products from locally sourced farms or markets instead of commercial vendors.

I follow Westside Local’s chef on Instagram, @tharealcheftony, and he is always posting these amazing food pics.

So we visited Westside Local for Brunch or as they call it “Blunch”.

What we ordered:

Forest Gump, a hot cocktail made with vanilla rum, fernet branca, banana liqueur, “box of chocolates” liqueur, and chartreuse cream.

This drink was like an adult hot chocolate, perfect for the cold weather.

Lox Board, smoked salmon, capers, pickled onions, black olives, toasted croissant, and cream cheese.

This was a perfect start with our hot cocktail. The cream cheese had a small pour of olive oil in the middle that enhanced the richness and creamy texture … Yum!

Blunch Burger, 1/2 pound brisket blend burger, white cheddar, bacon jam, avocado-habanero sauce, an over-easy egg, and butter lettuce all on a pretzel bun..Wow that is a lot!

There was also dipping sauce options for the fries, garlic aioli and Sriracha ranch. This was definitely a fork and knife burger; full of flavor and juicy.

Pumpkin French Toast, pumpkin battered brioche, chocolate-hazelnut drizzle, ginger whipped cream, and pure maple syrup.

You really don’t need the syrup but I used it anyways 😉. This dish tastes like Fall with the cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. I went with the half order and I greatly appreciated the option.

And the real reason we came…..


On the left: Chocolate and Kahlua Dulce De Leche cake with Dulce de Leche buttercream frosting and Kahlua ganache

On the right: Gluten Free and Vegan Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and a strawberry, coconut glaze.

So worth it!!! The Westside Local lived up to our expectations and then some.

We will be featuring other Kansas City Farm to Market restaurants in the near future, and ruining your diets one post at a time! So follow the blog to keep up!

Westside Local

1663 Summit St.

Kansas City, Mo

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