Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Tiffany Haddish!  She was hilarious in Girl’s Trip and I couldn’t wait to read her new book The Last Black Unicorn. But the way my life is set up, I really didn’t have time to sit down and the read book.  So I listened to the Audio version from Amazon Audible.  The audio book in narrated by Haddish.  Hearing her words with her voice made the book even funnier, so I highly recommend the audio version.

The Last Black Unicorn is a compilation of essays that details Haddish’s life growing up, dealing with illiteracy, a mother with mental health issues, the relationships that shaped her, and her pursuit to make it in comedy and Hollywood.  This is a book that will make you laugh, cry, and occasionally dry heave!

The Last Black Unicorn is like a TMI talk with your bestie after one too many drinks; completely unfiltered and unapologetically honest.

If you have any type of Social Media, television, or the internet you’ve seen as least one Haddish interview.  She has been on Ellen, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, the Breakfast Club.. the list goes on.  Much of what she talks about during these interviews is included in the book.  That was a little disappointing.  I’ve watched so many of her interviews that reading the same accounts felt a little redundant.   For example, a chapter in her book talks about her Groupon experience with Jada and Will Smith.

I cried with laughter watching these interviews, so hearing the exact same account in the book was funny but a bit like “been there done that.”  Haddish makes up for the repeat stories with material she hasn’t shared in interviews. Stories that are side splitting funny and others that are horrifically sad.  From the hilarious, outrageous revenge she takes on a cheating boyfriend to the heart breaking domestic violence she faced at the hands of her controlling ex-husband.

The Last Black Unicorn is truly inspiring and did I mention, FUNNY!



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